contribute to Literatu ResourceVision - it's where globally supplied resources  make a local classroom difference

How to join and contribute to Literatu Resource Vision


Simply register for a trial class from the 'get involved' menu.

Once registered, you have access to both GradeVision and ResourceVision. These links are found on the Shortcuts menu after you log in.

As a teacher, you can ADD Resources to any curriculum or common core segment. At the outer levels of the curriculum, you will find references to either the curriculum code or the common core reference. Click on the segment. You will see the definition and linked resources if linked. 

From this window, you can Add Resources as a Web link or as an uploaded file. ResourceVision allows teachers to manage private links, available only to other Teachers in the same school.

How contributed content is managed

Every day, we monitor submissions. We check the links and relevance to the topic. Subject to these links  being appropriate, we push your contribution to live. 

All inappropriate content submitted is deleted, along with the User account that created it. Submitting inappropriate content, 'puts you on our list' forever.

Contributing teachers get recognition
We have a contribution rating system that keeps track of who is contributing and to what. We will be releasing details on how we promote highly rated teachers very soon.
ResourceVision by Literatu lets techers help teachers. Searching for relevant resources is too hard. All teachers need to share, collaborate and learn from ResourceVision.
Mark - Science Year 10.